Miami 2005 Reunion

The Greatest Showband Concert Ever Staged

In 2005, at Vicar Street in Dublin, Stephen Travers, Des Lee and Ray Millar reformed The Miami Showband for what was described by the late great impresario Jim Aiken as “The Greatest Showband Concert Ever Staged”.

On 1st August 2005 The Miami Showband Memorial Concert at Vicar Street, Dublin the reception given to the three surviving Miami Showband members Des Lee, Stephen Travers and Ray Millar by the capacity audience was unprecedented. It was that very concert that started the ball rolling toward a full-blown countrywide reunion tour. On September 16th 2008 The Miami Showband returned to Vicar Street for a very special concert to say “Thank You” to the Irish people for their love and support over three decades. The three legendary figures of the showband era were accompanied by three of the greatest musicians this country has ever produced.
The late Jim Aiken described the now legendary “Miami Showband Memorial Concert” at Vicar Street, Dublin, on August 1st 2005 as “The Greatest Showband Concert Ever Staged”. On that occasion, the reception given to the three surviving Miami Showband members Des Lee, Stephen Travers and Ray Millar and  Johnny Fean (Horslips), Gerry Brown (brother of Dana) and Barry Woods (ex- Newmen and Real McCoy) by the capacity audience was unprecedented. Nobody could forget that magical summer night in Dublin and it was that very concert that started the ball rolling toward a full blown countrywide reunion tour. It was to take three years to organise.


Among the artists on stage during the night were: Brendan Bowyer and his daughter, Brendan Bonass, Richie Buckley, Ronan Collins, Frank Colohan, Mike Hanrahan, Fr Brian Darcey, Donnie Deveney, Ronnie Drew, Keith Donald, Jim Farley, Red Hurley, Brian Harris, George Jones, Tony Kenny, The Memories, The Indians, Johnny Fean (Horslips) , Mick Rowley, Shaun O’Dowd, Derrick Mahaffey, The Conquerors, Pat Lynch, Brendan O’Brien, Declan Ryan, Kelly (Nevada), John Keogh, Brian Maguire, Jim McCann, Pat McCarthy ,Brendan Quinn, Shay Healy, The Strangers, Des Lee, Steve Travers, Paul Ashford and Bobby Kelly, etc..

Fair play mate. It must still be difficult for you. Well done on getting on stage and talking about it. I would like to say hopefully it is over but recent events seem to suggest it isn’t. I hope it is soon.
This guy used to book my band a few years ago, lovely soft spoken guy, i never realised he was involved in miami show band inccident.? sad that nice people get hurt.
This man Steve Travers is a family friend and great guy. He used to play bass for my dads band after the miami showband.
Moccasin Starband
I had the pleasure of working for steve in the 80’s  iadmired and listened to his deep wisdom on life love and happiness,wicked sense of humor,and a great bassist, glad to hear you became a father,and just reading one of the above comments about tommy lundy now thats a shock he was a good guy rip best wishes stevie t if you ever read this i wish you peace and happiness regards to you and ann john h ex roadie etc.
That horrible event happened just 2 days after I was born. Its great that they’re still remembered today. Fair play to Steven Travers too.

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