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On October 12 Netflix will launch the first in a series of eight ReMastered music documentaries. ReMastered will “investigate high-profile events affecting some of the most legendary names in music” such as Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke. A new ReMastered instalment will be released each month. In March 2019 The Miami Showband Massacre will come under the spotlight and feature survivor Stephen Travers’ search for the truth of what happened on that lonely country road in Northern Ireland on 31st July 1975 when three of his friends and band members were murdered.

ReMastered has been created by Emmy and Peabody award-winners Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist. The Zimbalist brothers tapped Kief Davidson, Barbara Kopple, Sara Dosa, Brian Oakes, Stuart Sender, B.J. Perlmutt, Kelly Duane de la Vega and Sam Cullman to direct the eight “tracks.” Up first is Who Shot The Sheriff from Davidson on October 12 featuring an investigation into the mysterious shooting of Bob Marley.

Future installments include US President Richard Nixon or Tricky Dicky as he was also known And The Man In Black in November about Johnny Cash’s political transformation, Who Killed Jam Master Jay? in December about the murder of the Run DMC member and Massacre At The Stadium in January 2019 on Victor Jara, a.k.a. Chile’s Bob Dylan.


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RTE documentary series Bombings chronicles The Miami Showband Massacre

RTE documentary series Bombings chronicles The Miami Showband Massacre and investigates the forensics. It was reported that this documentary on The Miami Showband Massacre got one third of the entire country’s viewers on the night. An almost unheard of achievement for a documentary. It was said to the producers that the series would not be commsissioned unless they could get The Miami Showband Massacre story and Stephen Travers to appear.

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So, the cold-blooded murder of three members of the Miami Showband in July 1975 was particularly shocking. Stephen Travers, bass player, miraculously …

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The Day The Music Died

BBC documentary The Day The Music Died chronicles The Miami Showband Massacre in 1975 and the devastating aftermath for Ireland’s music scene. The Miami Showband were known as The Irish Beatles and credited with being Ireland’s No 1 band. The Irish showband scene had enjoyed huge popularity from the late 1950’s, through the 1960’s and on into 1970’s… until one fateful night in July 1975.

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Get the latest BBC News on The Miami Showband massacre: families of three men shot dead in the Miami showband massacre have said a report into the killings indicates an RUC Special Branch agent was involved.

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