Photos 1961-1975

P H O T O   A L B U M  A

1961 – 1975

The Miami Showband were at home onstage. The band always had a presence, looked and sounded well and ensured a night of fun, enjoyment and great entertainment wherever they appeared.

The London Palladium, 1963.

Des Lee takes centre-stage with Fran, Brian and Pat in the background.


New Spotlight Night-Out at Dublin’s Television Club



Fran’s first year with the band.

The Arcadia, Bray with Jimmy Saville

The reformed Miami Showband’s first performance after the 1975 atrocity was in Galway’s Seapoint Ballroom.

It was standing-room only on that night in Galway.

Huge crowds turned out to welcome The Miami back in late 1975

Down through the years, various musicians passed through the ranks of The Miami Showband.
Here are some photographs of the band from 1961 to 1975

One of the first photos of The Miami Showband, c. 1963.
Front: Joe Tyrrell. Seated: Tommy O’Rourke, Clem Quinn, Tony Bogan, Tony Harris, Murty Quinn.
Standing: Dickie Rock, Martin Phelan.

This line-up lasted from 1963 to 1967.
From left: Tommy O’Rourke, Clem Quinn, Joe Tyrrell, Tony Bogan, Martin Phelan, Dickie Rock, Murty Quinn and Dennis Murray who replaced Tony Harris.







The “new” Miami in 1967, soon after some members left to form The Sands.
Front: Clem Quinn, Brian McCoy, Des Lee, Fran O’Toole, Dickie Rock, Paul Ashford
Back: Tony Bogan, Pat McCarthy



In 1969, Danny Ellis joined the band, replacing Pat McCarthy who had teamed up with John Farrell in The Dreams.
Front: Brian McCoy, Des Lee, Fran O’Toole, Danny Ellis
Back: Tony Bogan, Clem Quinn, Dickie Rock, Paul Ashford
Martin Branigan took over the drum-stool in 1971. Brothers Frankie and Johnny Simon from Roscommon had a brief stint with the band in 1972 following the departure of Dickie Rock.
Front: Fran O’Toole, Johnny Simon, Paul Ashford
Back: Brian McCoy, Des Lee, Frankie Simon, Clem Quinn, Martin Branigan
Later in 1972, the Simon brothers departed and vocalist Billy Mac joined the band.
Front: Martin Branigan, Paul Ashford
Standing: Fran O’Toole, Clem Quinn, Brian McCoy, Des Lee, Billy Mac
Mick Roche (ex Vampires and Arrows) joined in 1973. Bassist Johnny Brown replaced Paul Ashford who left to form Stepaside and Ray Millar replaced Martin Branigan who went to Las Vegas with The Big 8.
Front: Des Lee, Brian McCoy, Mick Roche, Clem Quinn
Back: Fran O’Toole, Johnny Brown, Ray Millar
In late 1973, Dave Monks replaced the last surviving member of the 1965 line-up, Clem Quinn. When guitarist Tony Geraghty joined the band in 1974, Dave Monks took over from Johnny Brown on bass.
Clockwise from bottom left: Ray Millar, Brian McCoy, Dave Monks, Des Lee, Tony Geraghty, Fran O’Toole
In early 1975, bassist Steve Travers replaced Dave Monks. This is one of the last photographs taken of the band before the massacre in 1975.
From left: Steve Travers, Tony Geraghty, Ray Millar, Brian McCoy, Fran O’Toole, Des Lee,





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