Miami 1973

In 1973 Dickie Rock and The Miami Showband parted company. Some observers said it was inevitable as “the times they were a changing”. Dickie concentrated on a successful career in cabaret; singing popular big ballad classics as only he can. The Miami Showband, fronted by the dynamic young singer/songwriter Fran O’Toole, transformed itself comfortably into a modern pop group destined for international greatness.

Mick Roche (ex Vampires and Arrows) joined in 1973. Bassist Johnny Brown replaced Paul Ashford who left to form Stepaside and Ray Millar replaced Martin Branigan who went to Las Vegas with The Big 8.

Front: Des Lee, Brian McCoy, Mick Roche, Clem Quinn
Back: Fran O’Toole, Johnny Brown, Ray Millar

In late 1973, Dave Monks replaced the last surviving member of the 1965 line-up, Clem Quinn. When guitarist Tony Geraghty joined the band in 1974, Dave Monks took over from Johnny Brown on bass.

Clockwise from bottom left: Ray Millar, Brian McCoy, Dave Monks, Des Lee, Tony Geraghty, Fran O’Toole




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