The Miami Showband featured on the covers of many publications down through the years. Here you can see some of them

Showband, Folk and Beat Annual  – 1968The line-up of Miami Mark II made the cover of the Showband, Folk & Beat Annual which went on sale in December 1967. From left: Paul Ashford, Fran O’Toole, Pat McCarthy, Dickie Rock, Clem Quinn, Brian McCoy, Tony Bogan, Des Lee.
New Spotlight Weekly – October 1970By 1970, Pat McCarthy had left to join The Dreams and songwriter/vocalist/trombonist Danny Ellis had replaced him.From left: Fran O’Toole, Paul Ashford, Tony Bogan, Danny Ellis, Des Lee, Clem Quinn. Kneeling: Brian McCoy, Dickie Rock.
New Spotlight – December 1971As early as December 1971, Fran O’Toole was being recognised as one of Ireland’s foremost talents.








The Netflix Miami Documentary

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Coming soon… On October 12 Netflix will launch the first in a series of eight ReMastered music documentaries. ReMastered will “investigate high-profile events affecting some of the most legendary names in music” such as Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke. A new ReMastered instalment will be released each month. In March 2019 The Miami Showband Massacre will come under the spotlight and feature survivor Stephen Travers’ search for the truth of what happened on that lonely country road in Northern Ireland on 31st July 1975 when three...

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U2 & Miami Showband in Belfast

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A lot has changed since U2 last played Belfast, in 1997. Heck, a lot has happened since U2 last played a gig. The Irish rock legends had just completed two nights of a four-night run in Paris last week when Islamic State terrorists struck the French capital. The band’s remaining shows were called off. Last night, the band returned to live action in a city that has witnessed its own share of bloodshed over the years. The SSE Arena must be amongst the smallest venues the supergroup has played in years. And they were determined to create...

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Anton Savage Show on Today FM

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The Miami Showband Massacre 40 years on – Truth, Justice and U2 Stephen Travers and Des McAlea joined Anton for a moving interview Steven Travers and Des McAlea – survivors of the Miami Showband Massacre in July 1975 – joined Anton for a moving interview, recalling that fateful journey home from a gig, and how Bono and U2 could help their fight for justice – 40 years on. Des and Stephen were upset recently to hear Bono say the shocking Paris attackers had made a “the first direct attack on music” when terrorists targeted the Eagles of...

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RTE 1 Sunday With Miriam

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Sunday 3rd August 2014 Miriam O’Callaghan presents a live stimulating mix of lifestyle, music, human interest and great interviews, the perfect soundtrack to your Sunday morning. Guests this week: David Puttnam – Oscar winning Producer and Director. Stephen Travers – As this week marked the anniversary of the Miami Showband massacre, Miriam spoke to one of the surviving band members; Stephen Travers about his memories of that night, about questions unanswered and about his life since then. Moya Brennan of Clannad and her...

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Stephen Travers on BBC Radio Ulster

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“Let’s make sure the world knows about it” – Stephen Travers. In response to the Moygashel Culture Group putting up in Moygashel, Northern Ireland a banner memorialising Wesley Somerville, one of the Miami Showband bombers who was blown up by a bomb he was attempting to plant in the Miami Showband tour bus on 31st July 1975, Stephen Travers thanked those that had put it up as it opened the door to a discussion and asked the question “who are your heroes?” Link to the Stephen Nolan page on BBC Radio...

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Clap Your Hands – Movie Trailer02

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Clap Your Hands – Movie Trailer01

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Stephen Travers of The Miami Showband on Radio Foyle

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Enda McClafferty interviews Stephen Travers on Radio Foyle. Enda: “Survivors of The Miami Showband Massacre say they have issued court proceedings against The Ministry of Defence and the Police (Service of Northern Ireland) after new evidence in the case came to light. It was 38 years ago today when 3 members of the band were killed by Loyalists after a gig in Banbridge. Last year a Historical Enquiries Team investigation raised disturbing questions about collusive and corrupt behaviour in the attack. The families and survivors say...

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Stephen Travers on Cork 96FM

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31st July 2013: On the 38th anniversary of The Miami Showband Massacre Stephen Travers talks with Neil Prendeville of Cork’s 96FM radio of his musical memories of Fran O’Toole, Brian McCoy and Tony Geraghty and about the time he was introduced to Johnny Fean of Horslips by Rory Gallagher in the company of Van Morrison.

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