2007 Tony Benn MP

In 2007, following the publication of The Miami Showband Massacre, Tony Benn MP, Member of Parliament who served as Secretary of State for Energy in 1975, sent this message to Stephen Travers.

Message to Stephen Travers from Tony Benn MP

Tony Benn MP

Anthony Neil Wedgwood “Tony” Benn, PC (born 3 April 1925) is a British Labour Party politician and a former MP and Cabinet Minister. His successful campaign to renounce his hereditary peerage[1] was instrumental in the creation of the Peerage Act 1963. In the Labour Government of 1964–1970 under Harold Wilson, he served first as Postmaster General, where he oversaw the opening of the Post Office Tower, and later as a notably “technocratic” Minister of Technology, retaining his seat in the cabinet. In the period when the Labour Party was in opposition, Benn served for a year as the Chairman of the Labour Party. In the Labour Government of 1974–1979, he returned to the Cabinet, initially serving as Secretary of State for Industry, before being made Secretary of State for Energy, retaining his post when James Callaghan replaced Wilson as Prime Minister. During the Labour Party’s time in opposition during the 1980s, he was seen as the party’s prominent figure on the left, and the term “Bennite” has come to be used in Britain for someone of a more radical, left-wing position. Click the Wikipedia link for more information on Tony Benn MP.

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