Writs issued against MOD & PSNI

23rd July 2013 – Stephen Travers and Des McAlea have issued writs against the Ministry Of Defence and the Police Service Of Northern Ireland in connection with The Miami Showband Massacre.
In an interview with journalist and author Ken Murray this morning on LMFM Stephen Travers disclosed that proceedings are underway, quote: “we have issued a writ and submitted our Statement Of Claim. We’re basically taking the Ministry of Defence, the British Ministry of Defence and the Chief Constable of the Police Service Of Northern Ireland, we’re taking them to court for their direct complicity in the murders of the Miami Showband, and my attempted murder and of course Des’s (McAlea) as well.”
Click on the player to hear the full interview.

22nd July 2013 – Stephen Travers announces on Facebook his reasons for stepping away from that public forum.

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