The Miami Showband featured on the covers of many publications down through the years. Here you can see some of them

Showband, Folk and Beat Annual  – 1968The line-up of Miami Mark II made the cover of the Showband, Folk & Beat Annual which went on sale in December 1967. From left: Paul Ashford, Fran O’Toole, Pat McCarthy, Dickie Rock, Clem Quinn, Brian McCoy, Tony Bogan, Des Lee.
New Spotlight Weekly – October 1970By 1970, Pat McCarthy had left to join The Dreams and songwriter/vocalist/trombonist Danny Ellis had replaced him.From left: Fran O’Toole, Paul Ashford, Tony Bogan, Danny Ellis, Des Lee, Clem Quinn. Kneeling: Brian McCoy, Dickie Rock.
New Spotlight – December 1971As early as December 1971, Fran O’Toole was being recognised as one of Ireland’s foremost talents.








Stephen Travers on Good Morning Ulster

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31st July 2013: Stephen Travers is interviewed on Good Morning Ulster about the issuance of the writ against the British Ministry Of Defence and Police Service of Northern Ireland in relation to the murder of members of The Miami Showband.

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48th Anniversary

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31st July 2023 marks the 48th anniversary of the Miami Showband tragedy.

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Rory Gallagher – World Exclusive

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Rory Gallagher “performs” this unique version of “Hands Off” with young Irish band “The Deans”. Produced in 2007 by former Miami Showband bass-guitarist, Stephen Travers, this recording was made possible through the kindness of Rory’s brother, Donal, in loaning Rory’s multi-track for the project. Through the miracles of modern technology and the technical skill of Sun Street Studios engineer, Kenny Ralph, Rory trades vocals and guitar licks here with a teenage Gavin Dean. [wpaudio...

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Thatcher and the UVF

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As Margaret Thatcher is laid to rest we thought it appropriate to publish two documents we found in the British National Archives. Both have been published before in the chapter we contributed to a book on loyalist infiltration of the UDR. The first document contains the minutes of a meeting between the then head of the Conservative opposition in 1975 (Margaret Thatcher) and the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, just weeks after the Miami Showband Massacre involving members of the UDR. At page 3 the following...

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The Book

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The book that took 30 years to write 11th September 2007. Former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds is one of the guest speakers at The Miami Showband Massacare book launch, an eye-witness account written by Stephen Travers. The book was co-written by Neil Featherstonhaugh and is published by Hachette Ireland.

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The Miami Showband’s Stephen Travers speaks at Omagh victims conference

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John Azah OBE, Michael Gallagher (who lost his son in the Omagh bomb), former Beirut hostage Terry Waite, Stephen Travers (survivor of the Miami Showband Massacre) and Clive McCombe (who lost his wife Anne in the Omagh bomb) By Shelley Marsden MIAMI Showband massacre survivor Steve Travers and former hostage Terry Waite last week gave their support to victims still scarred by the Omagh bombing and other survivors of terrorism. Omagh Support and Self Help Group hosted the annual International Victims of Terrorism Conference on June 12-13, as a...

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Irish World – Miami Showband 25th Dec 2011

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